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A Shadow in the Night Book Cover


Denver lawyer Adam Larsen–always an easy target for damsels in distress–undertakes to help the sister of a missing woman accused of a high-tech embezzlement scheme. He quickly encounters an arrogant CEO with a habit of stretching the truth, and a hostile security chief who bitterly […]

Final Argument Book Cover


A civil lawsuit turns decidedly uncivil when Daniel T. Scadman, the meanest lawyer in Colorado, is murdered during a pre-trial deposition at the office of Denver lawyer, Adam Larsen. As Scadman’s successor moves the case toward trial Larsen’s client, Josie Ballantine, who also happens to […]

A Night at the Opera


The Denver Opera Company’s production of Carmen has an unplanned finale when a member of the audience plunges to his death from the top balcony–nearly landing on Denver lawyer Adam Larsen and his paralegal, former Denver Bronco Maurice White. What appears to be a mere […]


Interesting Read

3 5 1
This is a quick read for mystery fans who don't have enough time for a full novel. The action starts literally with a bang, pulling you into the story. The pacing is fast and the short story is sprinkled with lots of characters who race to beat the ticking clock. The excitement kept me turning pages. I haven't read other books in the series featuring the lead character, Adam Larsen, and maybe that's why I felt like I didn't get to know him as well as I'd liked in this story. However, the dialogue is natural sounding as the suspense builds. A good, fast-paced mystery for fans of the genre. Originally posted at Long and Short Reviews.

They're back!

5 5 1
The Adam Larsen team has returned for another mysterious adventure! The story takes twists and turns thru the plot, as well as thru yet more rich Colorado backdrops. Levinson creates characters who the reader would recognize if they passed on the street. And Adam Larsen is up to speed on discerning the nuances and fitting the pieces together. A definitely captivating story!

Keeps You Guessing

5 5 1
This book was fun because it kept you guessing. The main character's flippant smartass conversation style reminded me of the Stone Barrington series. The plot continued to build and twist clear to the end.